Instrument Systems Display Measurement

Instrument Systems brings you a selection of exciting turnkey systems for use in evaluating display characteristics. It allows for the easy measurement of different spot sizes due to the variety of interchangeable lenses. Instrument Systems display measurement products are extremely responsive and produce highly precise results. Like many of the Instrument Systems products, they work well in collaboration with each other. These advanced systems are based on several display measurement instruments including the Spectro 320 and CAS140 CT spectroradiometers and our leading telescopic optical probe, the TOP 200. The TOP 200 is primarily used for work in panel graphics and display testings. It measures radiance and luminance intensity, delivering images spots in perfect round shapes, unlike competitor products which are prone to blurring and imperfect elliptical shapes. Instrument Systems can guarantee TOP 200’s low polarization and reproducible results due to their patented mode mixer which is incorporated into the optical fiber connection. No matter what type of display measurements you require, Instrument Systems can provide a setup that goes beyond your expectations.

Model Overview

Model Type

DTS 140D
CAS140 CT with array

DMS 201
DMS 201 Goniometer

DMS 505
DMS 505 Goniometer

DMS 803
DMS 803 Goniometer

DMS 903
DMS 903 Goniometer
Accessories Type

Manual positioner

Automatic positioning

TOP 200
Telescopic Optical

DMS Display Accessories