DTS 400 Manual Positioner

DTS 400 Manual Positioner

The Instrument Systems DTS 400 system positioner is ideally suited for both photometric and radiometric analysis of displays. Instrument Systems’ DTS 400 system positioner is among our more useful and functional pieces of photometric measurement equipment. It is a multifunctional rack that allows users to position manually various test samples and measurement devices during photometric and radiometric evaluations of displays.

For horizontal and vertical positioning of the object being tested, the unit features a convenient X-Y mounting. The instrument used for measuring instead is mounted on another platform, which lets Z-axis movements achieve accurate focus on the test object. The two functions are built within a unit that’s stable and robust and prevents misalignment and accidental measurements.

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Model DTS-400-110
Translation range (X,Y,Z) 855 x 586 x 512 mm
Reproducibility ± 0.013 mm
Test Article Stage Movement
Horizontal (X-Axis) 162 mm each side of center
Vertical (Y-Axis) 167 mm (min) to 510 mm (max)
Test article weight up to 25 kg with center of gravity above stage
Focussing Platform
Focussing Length (Z-Axis) 100* to 582 mm
Material Aluminum black anodized
*Distance from test article stage to UNC 1/4 mount on focussing platform

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