Instrument Systems General Accessories

Instrument Systems General Accessories current range of optical probes and measurement adapters using fiber optics as a means to transport light in the spectrometer was a primary goal sought by Instrument Systems from the beginning of their product development. With the increased research and the recent advances made in fiber optics it is a goal that has come to fruition. Having striven to incorporate fiber optic technology into their spectrometer systems. Instrument Systems has been working on creating top of the line fiber optic accessories. This not only diversifies the already wide application possibilities for Instrument Systems Spectrometers, but makes them more universally and effortlessly installed. Whether it’s measuring spectral transmission properties in normal light incidence, measuring ultra violet or infrared, or collecting radiation and measurements of irradiance, Instrument Systems has developed an accessory to meet your specific needs. For simplicity and ease of use Instrument Systems has made all of their accessories “plug-and-play”. This means installing and expanding the capabilities of your Instrument Systems Spectrometer has never been easier.

Model Overview

Model Description Application

optical probes with diffuser measurement of irradiance and illuminance

optical probe based on integrating sphere measurement of irradiance and illuminance; coupling of divergent and convergent light

integrating sphere measurement of diffuse transmission and reflection

reflection measurement head measurement of diffuse reflection at 45°/0° and specular reflection at 45°/45°

transmission measurement head measurement of transmission at normal incidence

LS100 / LS500
light sources connects to GON 360 and optionally to TRA 100, ISP 150 and RMH 45

optical fibers and fiber bundles for connecting accessories to the spectrometer

fiber connector adapters interface adapters between optical fiber and spectrometer

telescopic optical probe meaurement of radiance and luminance

ISP75 / 250 / 500 / 1000
integrating spheres measurement of total radiant power and luminous flux