Instrument Systems ISP 40

Instrument Systems created the ISP 40 Integrating Sphere to collect radiation and measurements of irradiance. The design of the ISP 40 makes sure it provides excellent cosine correction and a broad spectral range. The 44mm inner diameter is small which ensures good light throughout. The ISP 40 is available with different coating materials and comes with a fiber bundle connector.

It is exceptional for analyzing collimated beams that are usually produced by endoscopes, optical imaging systems, and fiber optics. The ISP 40, as an integrating sphere, has a design that allows the entire beam of light is captured regardless of whether it is divergent, convergent. The beam is then launched into the fiber and subsequently coupled into the spectrometer.

If you need additional protection for the optical port a quartz glass dome is also available as an optional add-on.

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Model Coating Light throughput Spectral range
ISP40-101 Spectralon good 220 – 2500 nm
ISP40-102 BaSO4 medium 240 – 2600 nm

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