Instrument Systems ISP 150

Instrument Systems ISP 150

Instrument System’s ISP 150 is an integrating sphere form created for the measurement of transmission and reflection from diffusely scatting objects and test samples. It is designed to be compliant with the DIN 5036 standard for diffuse reflection measurements, which means it has a 150mm inner diameter, 25mm entrance port and an 8 degree angle of incidence. Barium sulphate coating on the ISP 150.

The ISP 150 has a very easy setup and reconfiguring it for different measurement geometries is very simple. The user can decide to include or exclude the specular component in the measurements using a removable beam trap.

If your measurement geometries employ diffuse illumination as well as transmission a halogen light source is directly attached directly onto the integrating sphere. Conversely, illuminating at eight degrees is accomplished by using an LS 100 or LS 500 light source series. Optical fiber is used to guide light radiation to collimating optics. This creates a lightly converging beam at the sample surface.

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  • Transmission and reflection from diffusely scattering objects and test samples are measured easily with the ISP150 integrating sphere.
  • The specifications of the ISP150; 1500mm inner diameter, 25 mm entrance port and 8 degree angle of incidence; are all compliant with the DIN 5036 standard for diffuse reflection measurements.
  • The ISP150 is coated with barium sulphate.


Measurement geometry Illumination Measurement Application example
Reflection (d/8°) diffuse 8° with gloss textured samples
Reflection (d/8°) diffuse 8° without gloss glossy samples
Reflection (8°/d) diffuse with gloss solar cells
Reflection (8°/d) diffuse without gloss solar cells
Transmission diffuse transparent samples

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