Instrument Systems TRA 100

Instrument Systems TRA 100

The TRA 100 is a transmission measurement adapter which allows for determination of the spectral transmission properties under normal light incidence for a wide range of materials. Some applications for this accessory adapter include the characterization of glasses and optical filters.

All Instrument Systems spectrometers are compatible with the TRA 100. It can be attached to a spectrometer and couple the transmitted light in two ways. Either with a multimode fiber and SMA connector or with a fiber bundle.

There are two options available to provide a light source to the TRA 100. A compact 10W halogen lamp fixed to the head is your first options. The second is a fiber connector to be used with the LS 100 or LS 500 light sources by Instrument Systems. When coupled with an external light source full spectral range is only possible when used with an appropriate lamp like the LS 500 (with a deuterium and halogen lamp).

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  • transmission readings at 0 degree incidence
  • supplemental integrated halogen lamp or fiber connector for outside light source
  • wavelength range 380 – 2200nm or 200 – 2200nm, respectively
  • sample dimensions: 4 cm x 4 cm x 6 cm (H x W x D)
  • measurement field approximately 1 cm across


Model Light Source Fiber Connector Spectral range
TRA100-210 integrated halogen lamp SMA connector 380 – 2200 nm
TRA100-211 integrated halogen lamp for fiber bundles 380 – 2200 nm
TRA100-310 external connector for multi-mode fiber SMA connector 200 – 2200 nm
TRA100-311 external connector for fiber bundle for fiber bundles 200 – 2200 nm

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