ACS Calibration LEDs

ACS-530 Series incorporates newly developed LED Calibration Standards to produce a single stabilized high-power LED which is calibrated to luminous flux and luminous intensity or Averaged LED Intensity.

This enables spectroradiometers manufactured by Instrument Systems to be checked easily and the photometric value to be recalibrated as necessary. The LED Calibration Standards allow customers to test their measuring instruments conveniently. They can also be tested independently on site and can be recalibrated in conformity with the substitution method recommended by the CIE International Commission on Illumination – without the inconvenience of having to return the instrument.

Calibration LEDs come in three basic colors: green, red, blue, as well as in white, which covers the entire visible range.

To operate to LED calibration strandards, a temperature control unit and a constant current source are necessary. They can be controlled by using the LED Control software developed by Instrument Systems.

ACS 570 UV LED Calibration Data Sheet

ACS 570 LED Calibration Data Sheet

ACS 570 IR LED Calibration Data Sheet


  • Temperature-stabilized, cooled high-power LED in a casing with very low thermal conductivity guarantees exceptionally high photometric stability of 0.1%
  • Applicable for the optical parameters Averaged LED Intensity, luminous flux, color coordinates, dominant wavelength and color temperature
  • Compatible with the full range of accessories supplied by Instrument Systems
  • Calibration is based on national standards
  • Software LED Control with integrated PID control parameters for optimized control of LED, temperature regulation and current source
  • The light exit through a diffuser ensures a Lambertian radiation pattern
  • Light intensity 0.5 – 2 cd or 1 – 3 lm


LED Dominant Wavelength [nm] or Correlated color temperature Tn [K] Averaged LED Intensity Luminous flux
White 6400 – 7000 K 1.3 cd 2.8 lm
Blue 465 nm 0.5 cd 1.0 lm
Green 530 nm 1.0 cd 2.2 lm
Red 630 nm 0.7 cd 1.5 lm
Operating current 350 mA +/- 0.05 mA
Temperature at the control point +/- 0.05°C
Photometric stability 0.1% at 25°C +/-2°C ambient temperature
0.5% at 25°C +/-5°C ambient temperature
Length 145 mm
Weight 750 g
Compatibility All measurement adapters supplied by Instrument Systems with a diameter of 25 mm
Electrical connections 2 banana plugs for current source Sub-D plug for temperature control unit
Note: All values are typical data

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