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San Jose McEnery Convention Center

San Jose, California.

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May 14-16

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Join us on May 14th to 16th and experience the latest innovations in display technology at SID Display Week 2024. This is an excellent opportunity for professionals, researchers, and businesses to stay updated on the latest advancements, showcase their work, and connect with others in the display industry.

Konica Minolta Sensing will be showcasing our CS-3000 Spectroradiometer with its high-performance spectral imaging system, enables advanced material analysis, quality control, and research, ensuring defect-free displays and efficient production. This will also give you a change to see first-hand our specialized attachment for the CS-3000HDR and CS-3000 spectroradiometers, that measures virtual images according to a corresponding pupil size at the position of eye relief, to define and verify your standard of measuring head-mounted displays using AR/VR.

And, of course, our CA-410, this instrument with its display inspection system stands out for its versatility in inspecting displays with various technologies, including OLED, LCD, and MicroLED, and offers unparalleled speed and accuracy for high-volume production, making it a valuable tool for ensuring display quality and efficiency in the industry.

Meet our experts, dive into the future of displays, and unlock new possibilities in display technology

Featured Products


CS-3000 Spectroradiometer

The CS-3000 Series models improve on the outstanding optical design and signal processing technology of the CS-2000 and CS-2000A while providing the high precision needed for standard value measurement of displays and other light sources.

CA-527 Display Color Analyzer

CA-527 Display Color Analyzer

The Konica Minolta CA-527 is our next generation Display Color Analyzer from Konica Minolta Sensing, offering reliability, faster measurements, and ultra-low luminance. Its expanded measurement dynamic range covers the range from ultra-low to high luminance, providing a broader range of measurement accuracy and repeatability than its predecessor. This feature meets the need for a more accurate evaluation of luminance and chromaticity in the latest display technologies.

Booth Staff

Randy Klimek

Randy Klimek

Sales Manager (Radiometric and Instrument Systems), Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

Randy is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology’s Imaging and Photographic Technology B.S. program with a minor in Mathematics. He has held positions with the Department of Energy’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics, and GretagMacbeth. During his tenure at KMSA, he has held the positions of Technical Support Manager, Project Manager, Application Engineering Manager, Midwestern Sales Manager, Northeast Sales Manager, and currently oversees all sales of light and display instrumentation within North and South America. Randy specializes in light and color measurement instrumentation and software technologies applicable to a broad scope of industrial and scientific use, and applies this expertise to solve problems faced by industry and research alike.

Nobu Imai

Nobuhiro “Nobu” Imai

Corporate Planning Manager, Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

Nobuhiro (Nobu) joined Konica Minolta in 2009 as a Sales Representative in Tokyo. In 2014 he took on the role of Sales Planning and Global Account Sales and remained in this role for 2 years and in 2016 became Business Planning Manager for the Sensing Division of Konica Minolta China Investment Inc. Later he joined another branch of the Konica family, Radiant Vision Systems, in the role of Director of International Sales based out of Redmond, Washington where he focused on Radiant product distribution through Konica Minolta’s sales companies worldwide. In April 2022, Nobu joined Konica Minolta Sensing Americas as Corporate Planning Manager where he is based out of the Foster City, California office. Nobu presently is involved in the expansion of Konica Minolta Sensing Americas’ business on the west coast and will lead in the development of the company’s growth plan including support for the Radiometric sales team and communicating with Japan’s Research and Development team.

Kevin Lange

Kevin Lange

Applications Engineer, Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

Kevin graduated from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and held roles in Technical Sales and Applications. Specializing in optical related fields, Kevin has a deep knowledge of spectrometers, detectors, light sources, fiber optics, electronics and instrument control programming. In addition to product support, Kevin provides on-site product and calibration training, and programming support. More recently, display metrology has become Kevin’s current focus.

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