CAS 140CT Array Spectroradiometer (Discontinued)

CAS 140CT Array Spectroradiometer

Three generations of the CAS 140CT speak to the massive success of this array spectroradiometer from Instrument Systems. Simple to operate, highly accurate with an opto-mechanically robust design, these machines are highly capable and highly desirable, with a wide range of potential uses in a huge number of industries. Whether you require it as a reference instrument in calibration laboratories, or intend to have it operate continuously in a manufacturing capacity, the CAST 140CT is the answer for your testing and manufacturing needs.

One of the cutting edge features that puts the CAS 140CT ahead of other models is the newly developed Crossed-Czerny-Turner spectrograph. This high-end spectrograph has a back-illuminated CCD detector which assists in reducing stray light. The end result is a significantly improved dynamic range and increased measurement accuracy.

The CAS 140CT is a singular design, and is the only array spectroradiometer to incorporate an optical density filter wheel. This helps extend the measurable intensity range over 4 orders of magnitude, which makes the CAS 140CT proficient in taking measurements for both very weak and very strong light sources automatically and accurately.


  • Eligible ISO 17025 Certification
  • Returns measurement data in milliseconds
  • Superior signal stability and increased sensitivity is made possible with the back-lit, top-end, cooled CCD detector
  • The integrated shutter allows for highly accurate measurements of dark currents
  • Can connect with PCI or USB interface
  • Software solutions for a variety of applications in manufacturing and the lab
  • Models available from 200 to 2,150 nm
  • New optical density filter wheel lets you measure intensity in a wide range


  • System solutions for testing LEDs, displays and flash lamps
  • Spectroradiometry in the UV-VIS-NIR range
  • Universal spectroradiometer for laboratory applications
  • Industrial quality control in the production line


Model Spectral range [nm] Number of pixels Spectral resolution [nm] *) Datapoint interval [nm]
back-illuminated CCD detector
CAS140CT-151 360 – 830 1024 x 128 2.2 0.5
CAS140CT-152 200 – 800 1024 x 128 2.7 0.6
CAS140CT-153 380 – 1040 1024 x 128 3.0 0.65
CAS140CT-154 220 – 1020 1024 x 128 3.7 0.8
CAS140CT-155 750 – 1050 1024 x 128 2.0 0.3
CAS140CT-156 300 – 1100 1024 x 128 3.7 0.8
InGaAs or extended InGaAs detector
CAS140CT-171 780 – 1650 512 9 2.1
CAS140CT-175 1500 – 2150 256 15 3
*) for standard 100 µm slit, for 50µm slit the given values should be roughly halved

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