Aerospace September 2021 Newsletter
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September Aerospace Newsletter

Advances in display technology give rise to high consumers’ expectations on aerospace cockpit display quality. Evaluating the quality and performance of displays like touchscreen navigation systems and digital instrument clusters, ensures safety and operational information are clearly and accurately conveyed to pilots.

Displays must maintain legibility during both day and nighttime and at a range of viewing angles. It must perform under harsh conditions like fluctuating temperatures and extreme vibrations. Learn more about our offers with Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) as it relates to displays in the aerospace industry. As well as the importance of instruments that can measure the complete lighting and display systems for the entire aircraft including NVIS compatibility.

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Aerospace Measurement

In the past Night Vision Imaging Display Measurement (NVIS) Technology exclusively used photo-multiplier tube scanning spectrometers. A single measurement took minutes and instruments were bulky and fragile. See how far they have evolved today by viewing the blog "NVIS Measurement of Displays in Aircraft".

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Aerospace Webinar

Advances in display technology within the aerospace industry requires the ability to evaluate the quality and performance of displays so that it can easily and clearly be understood and deciphered by pilots in making accurate and timely decisions. Register now for our Aerospace Webinar as we review and discuss instruments that can measure display systems in the flight deck of an aircraft: including Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) compatibility, 2D imaging camera systems, spot meters, and AR/VR applications. To learn more register now for our newest webinar: Aerospace Measurement scheduled for September 23rd 2021.

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Automotive Webinar

Learn more in this engaging seminar focusing on show how advanced light and display measurement technology can increase your productivity, raise your quality standards, and improve your manufacturing processes. Konica Minolta Sensing recognizes that it is imperative that brightness and color-related standards for quality remain consistent from vehicle to vehicle. Our equipment enables you to accurately measure interior/exterior lighting, as well as the evaluation of micro, curved and small displays to ensure vehicle specifications are met or exceeded.  Register now for our Automotive Measurement Webinar scheduled for October 14th 2021.

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Featured Products:

DTS 140D
Night Vision Instrument

Measuring high intensity differences between visible and near infrared spectral ranges is made easier with the display test system, DTS140D NVIS spectroradiometer from Instrument Systems. Its turnkey solution designed to measure night vision compatible displays and panel graphics are ideal for manufacturing and quality control applications that require high accuracy and long-term dependability as well as simple and fast push button operations.

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LumiTop 2700/4000 Spectrally Enhanced
Color Meter

The LumiTop 2700/4000 instrument is tailored for end-of-line (EOL) verification of the latest OEM requirements made on automotive interior displays. The LumiTop is available in two variants: the LumiTop 2700 with a resolution of 6.1 megapixels and the LumiTop 4000 with a higher resolution of 12 megapixels. The spectrally optimized, high-resolution 2D camera enables fast and precise testing with a total production line testing time of less than 15 second per display!

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