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Providing Essential Tools For Maintaining Consistency in the Production and Development of Displays

As major manufacturers investigate the possibilities of MicroLED technology, luminance efficiency issues come to question. The need for instruments and tools to accurately measure photometric brightness and color is a must.

In addition, to measuring photometric brightness, the greater intensity and wider color gamut of today's OLED devices have created a demand for a new level in measurement performance. MicroLED, OLED, AR/VR/MR, or traditional 2D technologies require precise calibration with today's high-end displays. Konica Minolta is a known leader in this technology and our instruments are often used as a reference instrument in national calibration laboratories worldwide.

Industry-leading instruments such as tour CS-150 luminance and color meter, CS-2000 spectroradiometer, CA-2500 2D color analyzer, DTS 140D Display Test System and our newest addition our CA-410 display color analyzer probe with a range of luminance up to 30k cd/m2 and frequency up to 240Hz are used for display calibrations. These in addition to many other instruments offer highly precise measurements of the color and light qualities of display screens and assist manufacturers in creating a more visually satisfying product.

To learn more contact us with any questions you may have and our Sales and Application Engineers will gladly discuss which instruments best address your needs.

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Please join us at Photonics West Virtual Expo March 6th-11th 2021 and register for our booth webinar and product demo presentation on our progressive display measurement instrument for evaluating gamma and flicker of AR/VR micro displays and smartphone under-display camera, using the latest CA-410 probe line-up to measure small spot area.

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March 6th-11th (Photonics West Conference)

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Virtual seminars are now available. Register now for a time and date that works best for you. Upcoming Seminars include:

March 24th 2021:
Instrument Systems Light and Display Measurement




Unless you use your laptop for high-end tasks such as graphic design, video editing, or gaming, you may not realize the great variety of display screens that are currently available to consumers. Enjoy the blog "Which Type of Laptop Screen is Right for You?"

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Featured Products:
300x200px_DTS 140D Display Test System

CA-2500 2D
Color Analyzer

The CA-2500 2D color analyzer series is ideal for measuring the distribution of luminance and chromaticity on smart phones, tablet PC’s and larger sized panels. This valuable measurement instrument can quickly analyze the entire display surface for luminance and chromaticity. The CA-2500 2D Color Analyzer has interchangeable lenses which allows for measurements of a variety of displays and its XYZ filters which provide high correlation with the spectral responses of the human eye.

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DTS 140D
Display Test System

The DTS 140D display test system is an all-in-one system for the spectroradiometric determination of luminance and all colorimetric parameters of displays. It is based on Instrument Systems high-end CAS 140D spectrometer and has been optimized for highest measurement accuracy, maximum stability and high variability. The Instrument Systems DTS140 Display Test System returns highly accurate results when measuring any type of display technology including LED, LCD and OLED displays.

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