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June Newsletter- Lighting


Summer solstice is recognized and celebrated worldwide by many cultures. This year summer solstice will occur on June 21st 2022. This is when earth's rotation has the North Pole at its maximum tilt toward the sun, making it the longest day of the year, and allowing us to enjoy the sunlit day a little longer. But did you know that on the opposite side of the world, the southern hemisphere recognizes the June solstice as indicating the start of winter? There the sun is at the lowest point in the sky and is considered the shortest day of the year. Some companies are recreating 'windows' that duplicate the daylight sky through the use of lighting so that no matter where your location or your climate is you will be able to tune into a sunlit drenched day using an 'indoor window'. To read more about this read our blog "Here Comes the Sun!" and see how Instrument System's CAS-120 Array Spectroradiometer instrument along with EOP-120 Optical Probe is used in measuring these LED systems.

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Feeling a Post Lunch Dip?

Experiencing low energy in the middle of the afternoon, or an “afternoon slump,” is fairly common. This daily energy dip is scientifically referred to as a postprandial dip, and is actually due to your circadian rhythm. Research uncovers our internal clocks can not only be manipulated by light intensity but even more so by colors. Read our blog "Using Light Exposure to Combat the "Post-Lunch Dip".

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Featured Products at the Show:


lluminance Spectrophotometer

The CL500a is the first handheld illuminance spectrophotometer that conforms to both DIN and JIS standards, and, is traceable to NIST. With the accuracy of a spectrometer, this portable light meter ensures the highest precision and repeatability in the market when measuring the illuminance and chromaticity of light. RGB and XY values are unmatched when compared to competing light meters. Accurately measuring today’s emitters such as LED, OLED, and gas-discharge light sources is a challenge for typical light meters. The CL500a precisely measures the narrow band spectral distribution of today’s LED products.

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 CRI Illuminance Meter

Customization at your fingertips does not get any easier with the CL-70F’s large color touch screen display. Quick and easy navigation without compromising accuracy. A cost-effective option for your illuminance measurement needs. The CL-70F CRI Illuminance Meter is an entry-level solution for the measurement and evaluation of the illuminance, color temperature, and color rendering index (CRI) of various illumination sources such as LEDs and fluorescent lamps.

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Chroma Meter

The CL-200A chromaticity meter is ideal for measuring color temperature and allows measuring the illumination, chromaticity, dominant wavelength and excitation purity of various lighting sources, such as LED, OLED and other forms of organic electroluminescence (EL). The CL-200A is ideal for the development and adjustment of projector lighting, development and maintenance of panels, and LEDs.

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