Instrument Systems Imaging Photometers and Colorimeters

Interest has never been higher in imaging colorimeters and imaging photometers, especially when tasks call for quick measurements of colorimetric and photometric quantities with spatial resolution. Compared to standard spectrometers and other instruments used for measuring that do not include spatial resolutions, Instrument Systems’ imaging devices bring users distinct advantages. Instrument Systems imaging photometers and colorimeters are well designed to handle a large variety of applications and functions. They utilize rapid capture technology to get a complex reading of color distributions and luminance very quickly. Additionally, their imaging photometers are extremely accurate. The Imaging Photometers require very little training to operate which means that they can be integrated into whatever applications you need easily. Instrument Systems software that makes analyzing the collected data simple in both two dimensional and three dimensional spaces. Instrument Systems also created a monochrome imagine photometer model as well for users who do not need to record color data.

Model Overview

Model Effective
number of pixels
CCD Sensor

LumiCam 4000B/2400B
2428 x 2028 (5 MP) 2/3’’, 11.1 mm diagonal

LumiTop 2700/LumiTop 4000

2750 x 2200

4096 x 3000

 1 inch

1.1 inch CMOS

4.54 μm x 4.54 μm

3.45 μm x 3.45 μm

398 x 319 mm (LumiTop 2700)

450 x 330 mm (LumiTop 4000)

LumiTop X150

LumiTop X150 High-resolution Imaging Colorimeter

14192 x 10640

4096 x 3000

 CMOS, 2.6”,
66.8 mm diagonal
3.76 μm x 3.76 μm

3.45 μm x 3.45 μm

min. 137 mm x 103 mm
max. 331 mm x 248 mm
for typical distances