The FD-9 Auto Scan Spectrophotometer

To stay ahead, companies must embrace the latest technological innovations. This is especially true in the graphic and printing industries, which demand a quicker color measurement process without sacrificing accuracy.

To meet these demands, Konica Minolta Sensing has developed the FD-9 Auto Scan Spectrophotometer. This groundbreaking new instrument uses automated functions to reduce man hours and boost productivity. In an interview, Yuzuru Yamamoto of the Konica Minolta Sensing Research & Development Department discussed the inspiration behind the FD-9 and how it works so efficiently.

“We thought it was our mission to respond to customers’ voices in the field,” Yamamoto said of the development process behind the FD-9. “They want quick automatic color measurement with accuracy, but with as [few] man hours as possible…as a result, [the] FD-9 Auto Scan Spectrophotometer was born.”

Unlike previous spectrophotometer models, which operated with a continuous measurement method, the FD-9 uses a spot color measurement method. This method stops the sensor after the measurement of each patch, but speeds up the movement to the next patch. This allows the FD-9 to accurately measure as many as 1,500 patches as small as 6mm in just 4 minutes.

The FD-9 also comes equipped with a Contact Image Sensor (CIS), which contributes to its super-fast spot color measurement. The CIS acquires image information of the entire surface area being measured and can identify any inconsistencies or obstructions. According to Yamamoto, the CIS essentially serves “as a substitute for human eyes.” The information acquired by the CIS is used before and during the measurement process. If a deviation is detected, all it takes is a fine tuning of the paper feed to measure the correct position of the patch area.

The FD-9 Auto Scan Spectrophotometer is the latest in Konica Minolta Sensing’s long line of innovative color, light, and display measurement instruments. Contact Konica Minolta Sensing today to request a quote on this brand new instrument, and discover how it can improve your color measurement process today.

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