Color Reader: CR-10 Plus: An Interview with the Developers
Color Reader: CR-10 Plus: An Interview with the Developers

The CR-10 Plus is the newest addition to the easy-to-use, hand-held Color Reader CR Series. What makes it unique is its ability to remain accurate and repeatable in everyday harsh conditions.

In the development of the new CR-10 Plus, the engineer’s key objectives were to deliver a color measurement instrument that can offer durability and comfortability for extended periods of time. To achieve these specifications, the developers went through many challenges.

In this interview, we’ll take a closer look at the design process and the details of the CR-10 Plus development.

LS-150/CS-150: An Interview with the Developers

A popular product since its launch in 1986, the LS-100 and CS-100A series have been put to use in a wide variety of industries thanks to their portability and ease of use. In December 2015, Konica Minolta updated the series with new models.

In developing the new products, numerous functions were added, and basic performance was improved for better compatibility with the latest trends in light sources, including OLEDs, laser projectors, and LCD TVs.

In this interview, we'll meet three of the project development engineers and speak with them about the major points they focused on and the struggles they faced in bringing these new models to life.

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