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Konica Minolta webinars are led by knowledgeable color and light experts, bringing you up to date on a variety of technological and measurement issues. These interactive webinars offer a convenient way to discuss topics and submit questions to our experts. View or attend a free webinar to learn how you can easily solve your color and light challenges with Konica Minolta.

How to Control the Color
of Plastic More Efficiently
Using SPC

One Hour

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About Webinar

How to Control the Color of Plastic More Efficiently Using SPC

In this webinar, viewers will learn how to recognize and analyze variability in production processes where color is an important added value. Various tools and techniques for dealing with process and measurement variability will be explored along with examples from the industry. In addition, viewers will take away practical methods for applying Six Sigma DMAIC methodology to discover and correct critical issues affecting color quality, leading to improved efficiency, product consistency, and reduced waste.

Topics Covered & Who Should Attend
  • Applying Statistical Process Control (SPC) to Color
  • Coloration Process
  • Variability in Color Processes
  • Measurement Systems
  • Trends in Production
  • Correlations
  • Real-Time Color Control
Who Should Attend
  • Process Engineers
  • Production Managers
  • Plant QC
  • Technical Engineers
  • Continuous Improvement (CI)
    Managers and Engineers

Speaker Profiles
Dan Randall

Dan Randall
National Sales Manager

Dan Randall is the National Sales Manager for In-line Solutions for Konica Minolta Sensing. His extensive background in color applications and technology covers the gamut from quality control, formulation, color management, communication, imaging, and process control. His industrial experience spans the range of textiles, paints, plastics, fibers, paper, and food where he worked as a color chemist, and most recently as a technical engineer. As a sales and business professional, he applied his knowledge of color applications to the fields of color communication and color management for national and global supply chains. He has helped many well-known brands establish effective color programs with their suppliers. His present role with Konica Minolta Sensing is to provide manufacturers the ability to control the color of their products within their process lines.

For further information, email marketing.sus@konicaminolta.com

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