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Konica Minolta Sensing 2-in-1 Color Evaluation & Process Control Seminar




About Seminar

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas is combining the Color & Appearance seminar and Process Control Color seminar into one day-long seminar. Attendees will leave this event with a concrete understanding of the elements to an effective color process and how to gain more control of a product’s color to meet standards more efficiently.

Seminar Schedule

Please note, registrants can attend one or both of the presentations.

Fundamentals of Evaluating Color & Appearance Presentation
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

During this presentation, our expert will cover the fundamentals of color science and the elements to an effective color process within research and manufacturing environments. Each attendee will gain a solid understanding of color and the components required for evaluating, communicating, and controlling color internally and throughout the supply chain to establish and meet standards more efficiently.

Topics Covered
  • Fundamentals of Color Science
  • Visual and Instrumental Color Evaluation Components
  • Functionalities of Color Measurement Instruments
  • Understanding Color Spaces
  • Color Differences: Does the Sample Meet the Standard?

  • Color Tolerances: Is the Color Difference Acceptable?
  • Formulation: How to Match and Correct Colors
  • Establishing a Color Quality Process
  • How to Write Specifications for Internal Use and Suppliers

Lunch (complimentary food and beverages will be served)
12:00 PM- 1:00 PM

Process Control of Color Presentation
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

During this presentation, attendees will learn how statistical process control (SPC) is used to control the color of products and improve efficiency within the production process. This includes Six Sigma methodology of DMAIC, color variation, control charts, run charts, and a variety of statistical tools. When coupled with an in-line measurement system, these concepts minimize downtime and provide more control of a product’s color to meet standards.

Topics Covered
  • Applying SPC to Color
  • Coloration Process
  • Color Variation
  • Measurement Systems

  • Trends in Production
  • DMAIC of Color
  • Financial Considerations

Please note, registrants can attend one or both of the presentations.

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