Building Materials Color Measurement

Building Material Solutions

From rooftops to floors and everything in between, Konica Minolta Sensing Americas offers high performance instrument and software solutions used to establish and meet color quality standards for the building material industry. These solutions allow users to accurately evaluate and control the color and appearance of samples with various surface conditions, opacity, and thickness in a more streamlined process internally and throughout the supply chain. As a result, consistency can be maintained and color quality standards can be met with less waste, time, and effort.

Color Measurement Solutions

Portable Spectrophotometers

  • CM-700d
  • CM-600d
  • CM-2600d
  • CM-2500d
  • Bench-top Spectrophotometers

  • CM-5
  • CM-3600A
  • CM-3630
  • CM-3700A
  • Portable Colorimeters

  • CR-400
  • CR-410
  • Quality Control Software

  • SpectraMagic NX
  • Colibri QC
  • Color Matching Software

  • Colibri Essentials
  • In-line Color Control System

  • NC-1

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