Measuring Instruments for the Lighting Industry

Lighting Industry Solutions

As LEDs and other narrow band light sources become more and more popular in the lighting industry, accurate measurement becomes imperative. All aspects of light including color and spectral properties as well as intensity, need to be quantified. Konica Minolta measuring instruments for the lighting industry are designed to provide all the required metrics quickly, accurately and reliably. Konica Minolta has a solution for all phases in the development cycle of a light source, from research and development, design, production, QA/QC, to installation and field verification.

Light and Display Measurement Solutions

Illuminance Meters

  • T-10A / T-10MA
  • Luminance Meters

  • LS-100
  • LS-110
  • Luminance Color Meters

  • CS-100A
  • CS-200
  • Illuminance Color Meters

  • CL-200A
  • CL-500A
  • Spectroradiometers

  • CS-2000
  • CS-2000A
  • Display Color Analyzers

  • CA-2500

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