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Success Story   Comparing Color Using the CM-700d Spectrophotometer Video
Case Study: Quality Process for Product Color Consistency   Video: Comparing Colors Using the CM-700d Spectrophotometer
One company shares how they developed an efficient, standardized process from research and development to quality control to establish color standards, and improved communication with their manufacturing partner to maintain color consistent products.  
In this video flashback, Norm Demers, our color expert, demonstrates how to determine if a color sample meets the defined standard using the CM-700d Spectrophotometer.  This high performing instrument is widely used in a variety of industries for color control.
  Color Evaluation Instrumentation
Rainbows are a natural wonder of the world, often illuminating a band of colors across the sky after a rain shower.  Their formation has fascinated people since ancient times, with a wide variety of theories developed on how various colors of light can possibly align together in one arc.   
Color evaluation instruments are effective tools in identifying color attributes, inconsistencies, or deviations from the defined standard in a sample. Colorimeters and spectrophotometers both measure color; however, their capabilities and features are vastly different from each other.

Did You Know?

Rain clouds appear to be a shade of gray or black because their thick formation doesn’t allow as much sunlight to pass through them. Clouds appear white when they are thin enough for sunlight to pass through and reflect all of the wavelengths of light.

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