Defining Color Tolerances

The end goal of implementing a color process is to get the color you want, or your customer wants, for the finished product through an efficient and streamlined process. If the color of a product doesn't match the standard, customer satisfaction is compromised and the amount of rework, waste, and costs increase. Establishing color tolerances objectively within the color process is an effective way to maintain color consistency and accuracy, as well as to meet standards more efficiently. Learn more >

45°/0° Optics Simulate Human Visual Perception for Driver Safety

Lines on roads and highways need to be highly visible for vehicles to stay within the parameters of a lane, preventing collisions and maintaining safety for both drivers and pedestrians. As a safety regulation, line colors are standardized (ASTM standards) by a government agency to ensure roadway lanes are easily discerned both day and night. This requires routine evaluations with instruments that can precisely measure color the same way the human eye perceives color. Learn more >

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Colorimeters vs. Spectrophotometers vs. In-Line

In everyday life, a wide variety of colors are present, and these colors play a very important role. However, unlike length or weight, there is no physical scale for measuring color. Making it improbable that people would respond the same when ask what a particular color is. For example, if we say "red car" or "red apple" to people, they will imagine different shades of red because their color perception and past experiences will be different. This blog will help explain the difference between colorimeters, spectrophotometers, and in-line systems that are some of the most popular color measurement instruments. View now >

How Color Affects Your Perception of Food

While many of us like to believe that we are not easily deceived, our sense of taste is often fooled by our sense of sight. This is because humans have certain expectations of how food should look. When a food's color is off or is different than what we expect, our brain tells us that it tastes different too. Long supported by scientific studies, we use visual cues from color to identify and judge the quality and taste of what we eat. Read more >

Color & Light Seminar >
The Language of Color, Appearance and Light is an educational seminar that will improve your understanding of lighting, color science, and measurement.

August 26, 2015 - Columbus, OH

Color & Appearance Seminar >
The Color & Appearance Seminar covers the fundamentals of color science and the elements of an effective color process within research and manufacturing environments.

September 17, 2015 - Hershey, PA

September 29, 2015 - Morgantown, WV

SpectraMagic NX Educational Webinar Series
Sharpen your SpectraMagic NX skills in 1 hour. Each month an educational webinar will focus on a specific feature that can help you find new ways to utilize the software.

September 10 – Let’s talk Tolerances

Learn how to utilize tolerance features in Spectramagic NX quality control software.

> Defining Color Tolerances

> 45°/0° Optics Simulate Human Visual Perception for Driver Safety

> Colorimeters vs. Spectrophotometers vs. In-Line

> How Color Affects Your Perception of Food

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CM-2500c Spectrophotometer

Recognized as the industry leader of its kind, the CM-2500c Spectrophotometer is a portable 45/0 instrument built to measure the color of samples with stability and unwavering performance. This instrument’s innovative optical system captures the entirety of a sample’s color at any angle or position, enabling users to precisely evaluate, reproduce, and control the color of materials with uneven, curved, or textured surfaces. Learn more >

Konica Minolta's CM-2500c Spectrophotometer

In this video, we spotlight the CM-2500c which is the industry leading 45/0 spectrophotometer. Traditional 45/0 spectrophotometers are subject to fluctuation in measurement results, particularly when measuring the color of uneven and textured surfaces. The CM-2500c is designed with an advanced optical system to achieve the highest level of stability. Watch video >

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