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T-10A Illuminance Meter Video   CL-500A Case Study
Video: Light Measurements with the Accurate T-10A Illuminance Meter   Case Study: CL-500A Measures Effects of LED Street Lighting
The T-10A is a handheld meter designed to measure the amount of light falling on a surface.  This Illuminance Meter enables the comparison of luminance values that can be displayed as a difference or percentage value.  Click the link below to watch the video of the T-10A and learn more about its features.
Can the color of street lights effect your sleep?  This question required research by highly trained electrical engineers.  CR Engineers of Fountain Hills, Arizona, set out to measure lighting color levels emitted by LED street lights in the city of Phoenix; in particular, the level of blue energy.                              
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Requirements for Optical Measuring Instruments
      Radiometer, Spectrometer, and Spectroradiometer
White Paper: Requirements for Optical Measuring Instruments                      Blog: The Difference Between Radiometers, Spectrometers, and Spectroradiometers
Photometers use a broadband detector in conjunction with a V(λ) filter to measure luminous intensity. The output current of this detector is directly proportional to the photometrically measured value, i.e. a photometer for luminous intensity is calibrated in cd per photocurrent.
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This blog article will detail the differences between radiometers, spectrometers, and spectroradiometers.  These three devices detect color and light but are all very different and were designed for very specific purposes. 

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