What Is Gloss And How Do You Measure It?

What do a shiny clean car and a fresh manicure have in common? They both have an irresistible shine that catches the eye! What do we have to thank for this lustrous glow? Gloss. Gloss is the attribute of surfaces that causes them to have a shiny or metallic appearance. Just as color speaks to the mind, gloss does too. Whether it is the magazines we read or the cars we drive, no one can deny the appeal of a glossy surface. Gloss is a significant aspect of the visual perception of objects and is widely measured across numerous industries. Learn more >

Why You Should Use Our Colibri Color Management Software

When working with colors, no matter your role or client, you need to ensure that you’re managing them correctly. For example, brand colors need to be a uniform shade across a variety of materials and screens that may make them appear different, even if just slightly. There is a lot to keep track of, like color specification, production and color communication. Konica Minolta Sensing’s Colibri Color Management Suite can help. Read more >

Colorimeters and Their Many Uses

Colorimetry is the study of colors as the human eyes perceive them. As such, colorimeters (also known as chroma meters, color meters or color readers) do not measure spectral output on wavelengths like spectrophotometers, but rather give red, blue and green chromaticity coordinates or values in much the same way that human eyes see color. Read more >

The True Colors of Dinosaurs

For over 200 hundred million years, dinosaurs reigned supreme on Earth, and yet we still are not precisely sure what they looked like. Although we have their fossilized skeletons, the relatively recent discovery that they had feathers turned their exact physical appearance into an enigma for us. Read more >

Color & Appearance Seminar >
The Color & Appearance Seminar covers the fundamentals of color science and the elements of an effective color process within research and manufacturing environments.

Color & Light Seminar
The Language of Color, Appearance and Light is an educational seminar that will improve your understanding of lighting, color science, and measurement.

> What Is Gloss And How Do You Measure It?

> Why You Should Use Our Colibri Color Management Software

> Colorimeters and Their Many Uses

> The True Colors of Dinosaurs

CM-M6 Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer

The CM-M6 is a portable multi-angle spectrophotometer especially designed for color measurement of metallic or effect paints, such as pearlescent coatings, which can exhibit a noticeable visual change with specific angles of view. It uses a new, patented double-path illumination system with directed 45° illumination and 6-angle observation (-15°/15°/25°/45°/75°/110° aspecular) from two sides to accurately measure painted parts at the automotive production floor. Learn more >

CM-25cG Portable Color and Gloss Meter

The CM-25cG is a compact and lightweight portable spectrophotometer with 45°c:0° geometry and a true high performance 60°-gloss-sensor. The 45°c:0° geometry used is renowned for providing color values offering excellent correlation to visual perception. This is achieved by fully excluding surface effects of gloss and/or texture. The built-in gloss-sensor accurately measures surface gloss. Learn more >

NYSCC Suppliers' Day - Booth #111
May 2 - 3, 2017
New York, NY

At Booth #111, Konica Minolta Sensing will exhibit high performance color measurement and color control solutions for all your cosmetic needs. This two day event held at the Javits Convention Center in New York City, will be showcasing new products and the latest innovations in the cosmetic industry. Event information >

SEIFT Food Industry Expo - Table Top
February 7, 2017
Atlanta, GA

Konica Minolta Sensing will be exhibiting at the SEIFT table top event in Atlanta, GA. We will have on hand a number of our high performance color measurement and color control solutions for food applications. Event information >

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