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Beer Gone Bad: How Certain Bottle Colors Lead to Skunked Beer   Understanding the CIE L*a*b* Color Space
Beer drinkers beware; this may leave a sour taste in your mouth. According to research, certain bottle colors make beer vulnerable to turning bad, or becoming “skunked” as many people call it. Don’t blame the bottle, though. Light is the main culprit behind this unpleasant effect.
The L*a*b* color space is presently one of the most popular color spaces used to evaluate an object’s color. This application note provides an overview of how L*a*b* values are used to evaluate a sample's color attributes and maintain consistency in each batch of material.
How Human Skin Color Evolved   Metamerism "Meets Its Match"
The differences in human skin color ranging from very light to very dark skin has long been misunderstood. In this article, research sheds light on the driving forces that may be behind the evolution of skin color across different regions - a survival tactic dating back to our early ancestors.
Metamerism describes a pair of objects that match in color under certain lighting conditions but not under another. When a sample's color is inconsistent, the efficiency and amount of rejects in an organization's operations are impacted. This article discusses the effects of metamerism and how to minimize it.

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