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SCI and SCE: How Surface Conditions Affect the Appearance of Color   A White (and Blue?) Winter Wonderland
This article provides an overview of how texture, gloss, and other surface conditions may affect the appearance of your sample's color, and how spectrophotometer measurement modes, SCI and SCE, are used to measure the color and appearance of samples with various surface conditions.
Glaciers are one of nature’s bulldozers - sculpting and carving today’s landscapes with their massive bodies of deep, blue-colored ice. While their colors make for an awe-inspiring photograph, many curious minds wonder, “Why is snow white and glacier ice blue?”

Video: CM-700d Spectrophotometer for Controlling the Color and Appearance of Pigments and Dyes   Which Instrument Geometry is Ideal for Measuring the Color of Your Samples?
The CM-700d Spectrophotometer is a handheld, portable measurement instrument designed to evaluate the color and appearance of samples with flat, shaped, or curved surfaces. This video provides an overview of the CM-700d's features that help users evaluate, reproduce, and control the color of pigments and dyes more effectively.
To evaluate and control an object’s color using a standardized method, light must reflect off of the object at the same angles during each assessment. This article provides an overview of the common color measurement instrument geometries to help you decide which standard illumination angle is ideal for measuring the color of your samples.



Did You Know?

At least one of the six colors on the Olympic flag, including the five Olympic ring colors and the white background, can be found on the flag of every competing nation in the world.

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