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Coffee Beans in Cup   Konica Minolta and Food Network Investigate Blue Foods Video
How Do You Like Your Coffee?   No Blue Foods? Konica Minolta & The Food Network Investigate
When telling how they like their coffee, consumers often refer to the color level, not flavor, of the drink. This is because color is one of the elements indicative of coffee flavor, leading many coffee companies to implement a strict evaluation process to control the color of coffee beans during roasting.
Konica Minolta Sensing and The Food Network’s Food Detective evaluate the color of various foods that appear to be blue. Using the CM-700d Spectrophotometer, blueberries, blue crab, blue corn chips, and other food products are measured to find out if they are actually blue in color.
How Color Affects Your Perception of Food   CR-400/410 Instrument Color Data Display Options
How Color Affects Your Perception of Food   Tech Tip: Changing the Color Data Display Options in a CR-400/410 Instrument
While many of us like to believe that we are not easily deceived, our sense of taste is often fooled by our sense of sight. This is because humans have certain expectations of how food should look. Long supported by scientific studies, we use color visual cues to identify and judge the quality and taste of food products.

A variety of color values can be displayed in the CR-400 and CR-410 Colorimeter instruments, including L*a*b*, XYZ, and Yxy values. This technical note outlines the steps to select which values the instrument displays in standalone mode using SpectraMagic NX software.

Did You Know?

According to a study published in the Journal of Sensory Studies, the color of a food or beverage dish/container influences how consumers perceive the attributes, such as taste and aroma, of that food. For example, beverages in pink containers are often perceived as more sugary and soft drinks in blue containers are often perceived as more thirst-quenching.