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LED Metrology
  LS-100 Luminance Meter
White Paper: Handbook of LED Metrology
  Case Study: LS-100 Measures Monitors for Israeli Government
In this detailed handbook, learn about the incredible developments in LEDs in recent years and how they have generated a significant growth market with completely new applications.  This handbook is broken up into sections if you are short on time, but we recommend that you read the entire document to obtain and in-depth understanding in this area.
Alfred Poor was a Contributing Editor with PC Magazine and was their first Lead Analyst for Business Displays.  He is a Senior Member of the Society of Information Display, with an international reputation in the display industry.  Read how he used Konica Minolta's LS-100 to test monitors for the Israeli government.
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Measuring Light with the CL-500A and T-10A Instruments       LumiCam 1300
Video: Measuring Light with the CL-500A and T-10A Instruments                LumiCam 1300: Take Your Product to a Whole New Dimension
Anita Jorgensen, IESNA, IALD, LEED, LC, has been practicing architectural lighting in New York for over 20 years.  In this two part video series, she uses Konica Minolta's T-10A and CL-500A on museum, exhibit, and architectural projects.  Watch part 2 of the video below.
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The LumiCam 1300 luminance and colorimetry camera is designed to meet the sophisticated needs of manufacturers and OEM customers in taking measurements of flat-panel displays, LED clusters, and multifunction information displays.

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