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Firework Colors   CR-400 and CR-410 Colorimeters Video
A Colorful Explosion: How Fireworks Get Their Colors   Featured Video: Capabilities of the CR-400 Series Colorimeters
Prior to the 1800's, fireworks only displayed flashes of orange and golden light. While bland in color, people found these sparks to be fascinating, using them for military victories and ceremonies. It wasn't until later that firework shows became the colorful art form in holiday celebrations and other festivities today.
In this video, Konica Minolta Sensing Americas demonstrates the versatile capabilities of the CR-400 and CR-410 colorimeters. These portable instruments are popularly used for evaluating and inspecting the color of opaque samples in various forms, including powders, pastes, granules, and solids.
Controlling and Inspecting Plastic Color   Thermochromism
Controlling and Inspecting Plastic Color More Efficiently   Thermochromism: The Effects of Temperature on Pigments and Dyes
Rejects and waste - two common problems affecting the lead time and company profits of plastic manufacturers. Because of this, it is imperative for manufacturers and suppliers to incorporate a harmonized color evaluation program to produce a consistent looking final product.
During manufacturing and production processes, things can get pretty heated - literally. Using heat or high temperature is common practice in plant operations to manufacture a product. Elevated temperature, however, can alter a product's color in a phenomenon called thermochromism.



Did You Know?

According to recent research, the color of your spoon while eating yogurt and other foods may influence how you perceive that food's taste. When using a blue spoon, for example, subjects thought pink yogurt tasted saltier than white yogurt.

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