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Hands in a Circle   CM-3600A Spectrophotometer Capabilities Video
How Human Skin Color Evolved Across Different Regions   Video: Capabilities of the CM-3600A Spectrophotometer
Skin is the human body's largest organ, serving as our protector from harsh environmental elements. While this protection is a staple in every modern person's biological makeup, the color of skin is unique to each individual. Until recently, this color difference has been misunderstood.
In this video, Norm Demers, our color expert, demonstrates the high performance capabilities of the CM-3600A Spectrophotometer. This bench-top instrument is widely used within research, laboratory, and manufacturing environments for reflectance and transmittance color measurements.
Detecting Fake Drugs with Spectrophotometers   Color Quality Process
Detecting Fake Drugs with Spectrophotometers   Components to a Color Quality Process
Spectrophotometers are unique instruments used to analyze the color and appearance of objects. There are many different types of spectrophotometers, each with a specialized purpose. Recently, however, these high performance instruments are being used in the fight against fake and counterfeit drugs.
A color quality process helps manufacturers and suppliers meet a product's color standard more efficiently. By standardizing this process internally and throughout the supply chain, consistency can be maintained. This document details the components required for a standardized, efficient color process.


Did You Know?

A sun tan is a sign of skin damage. When exposed to too much ultraviolet light, your skin darkens to try to protect itself from further damage.

Have a happy, safe summer!

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