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CA-2500 2D Color Analyzer   Evaluating HDTV Displays with the CS-2000
New Product Release: CA-2500 2D Color Analyzer   Evaluating HDTV Displays with the CS-2000
The CA-2500 2D Color Analyzer is ideal for the evaluation and inspection of a variety of display technologies used in products such as high end displays (avionics/broadcast/medical), smartphones and PCs. It is used for high-resolution, two-dimensional measurements of luminance and chromaticity. The included data management software, CA-S25w, provides advanced functionality to make the entire measurement process easier, from measurement preparations such as focusing and positioning to the evaluation of measurement results.

Unlike in years past, consumers have a variety of choices when it comes to purchasing televisions. They can choose from many screen sizes, aspect ratios, prices, various features, and technologies. Generally, it all comes down to picture quality. Because of this, light measurement is key. This is easily performed with a spectroradiometer. The CS-2000 Spectroradiometer is a high-performance light measurement device that allows technicians to measure many types of HDTV-compatible displays.

NAB 2013 in Las Vegas   CL-500A Firmware Update
We’ve Got the Show Floor Covered at NAB 2013   CL-500A Firmware Update: Download Now
We’re counting down the days until NAB 2013 in Las Vegas and we want to make it easier for you to check out our products. We are pleased to announce that we have the show floor covered. We will be exhibiting our products at booth #SL14016 as well as the following other booths:

  • Penta Studiotechnik - #N4619
  • Sony Electronics, Inc. - #C11001
  • Flanders Scientific, Inc. -#SL11127
To preview event information, check out our NAB Show microsite.

As new features become available on the CL-500A, it is important to update the firmware of the instrument to the newest version. These updates can improve the features and measurement data of the instrument, which can in turn, alter the way the instruments works. Click the link below to download the updated firmware version for your CL-500A.