What Is Gloss And How Do You Measure It?

What do a shiny clean car and a fresh manicure have in common? They both have an irresistible shine that catches the eye! What do we have to thank for this lustrous glow? Gloss. Gloss is the attribute of surfaces that causes them to have a shiny or metallic appearance. Just as color speaks to the mind, gloss does too. Whether it is the magazines we read or the cars we drive, no one can deny the appeal of a glossy surface. Gloss is a significant aspect of the visual perception of objects and is widely measured across numerous industries. Learn more >

Understanding Gloss Standards & Units

Gloss is measured by an instrument called a glossmeter which assigns a gloss unit (GU) to a specified surface. The GU scale of a glossmeter is based on a highly polished, reference black glass standard with a defined refractive index having a specular reflectance of 100 GU at the specified angle. The scaling is suitable for most non-metallic coatings such as paint and plastic. Read more >

Understanding Gloss with the Rhopoint IQ-S

A high quality finish is important in a huge number of industries. “High gloss, deep finish, smooth and homogenous.” Orange peel and haze have a huge impact on finish quality. Potential causes - coating formulation, substrate, application technique & conditions, drying/curing. A glossmeter cannot measure these effects that reduce visual quality. Rhopoint IQ-S - the ultimate glossmeter upgrade. Read more >

Clouded by Haze: How to Ensure Clarity in Transparent Materials

Just like in the atmosphere, haze can create a cloudy appearance in objects. This cloudiness makes the objects appear lighter and distorted, often creating problems for manufacturers needing to meet certain quality standards for their products. Read more >

Color & Appearance Seminar >
The Color & Appearance Seminar covers the fundamentals of color science and the elements of an effective color process within research and manufacturing environments.

April, 5 2016  Ramsey, NJ
April 26, 2016  Cooperstown, NY
May 17, 2016  Cleveland, OH

Color & Light Seminar
The Language of Color, Appearance and Light is an educational seminar that will improve your understanding of lighting, color science, and measurement.

May 4, 2016 – Southfield, MI

> What Is Gloss And How Do You Measure It?

> Understanding Gloss Standards & Units

> Understanding Gloss with the Rhopoint IQ-S

> Clouded by Haze: How to Ensure Clarity in Transparent Materials

Rhopoint IQ-S 20°/60°/85°

The Rhopoint IQ-S is an innovative geniophotometer that provides key measures of surface appearance, gloss, haze and RIQ for detecting surface defects like orange peel or surface haze. Where standard gloss meters only measure gloss, the IQ-S is a cost effective solution for detection and measurement of all surface imperfections. Learn more >

Rhopoint IQ FLEX 60 & IQ FLEX 20

The Rhopoint IQ FLEX Glossmeter with external measurement head has been established as the reference instrument for measuring reflective appearance of paint and coatings, particularly in the automotive and marine coatings sectors. By measuring a complete goniophotometric curve, the instrument combines the measurement of gloss, reflectance haze and orange peel (DOI/RIQ values) in a single measurement. Learn more >

NYSCC Suppliers' Day - Booth #T510
May 10, 2016
Edison, NJ

At Booth #T510, Konica Minolta Sensing will exhibit high performance color measurement and color control solutions for all your cosmetic needs. This two day event held at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center will be showcasing new products and the latest innovations in the cosmetic industry. Event information >

NEIFT Food Industry Expo - Booth #TBD
May 18, 2016
Worcester, MA

Konica Minolta Sensing will be exhibiting at the NEIFT table top event in Worcester, MA. We will have on hand a number of our high performance color measurement and color control solutions for food applications. Event information >

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