OLEDS: The Next Big Thing in Televisions
OLED, or organic light-emitting diodes, televisions are shaping up to be the next big thing. In case you haven’t heard, these first debuted at CES 2013, and immediately put the spotlight on OLED.
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How Lighting in Stores Affects Consumers
Walking down streets, it’s difficult not to notice stores with bright and colorful lighting. After all, it’s an easy way to attract consumers and keep aisles well-lit. This type of lighting, however, is not always helpful, and stores need to be mindful of the lighting they use. Dextra Group PLC reports that two recent studies have shown how the lighting in stores can affect how customers shop. Read more >

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Could LEDs Cure Alzheimer's?
Imagine slowly losing your memory. Alzheimer’s disease causes just that. It’s a neurodegenerative illness involving memory loss. Other symptoms include a lack of self-care, disorientation and issues with behavior. It can also cause certain types of dementia. Previously, scientists have experimented with drugs to see if they could stop or slow the onset of the disease, but these for the most part proved to be ineffective. Now, however, a team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has made an important breakthrough that could signal a way to help prevent Alzheimer’s. Learn more >

How UV Lights Can Fight MRSA
A few years ago, a health scare surrounding the drug-resistant strain of staph swept through the nation. While the public moved on, scientists did not and now a research team from Columbia University has discovered that a narrow ultraviolet wavelength, 207 nanometers, can kill the strain in mice. If effective in treating people, it can lower both medical costs and the chance of catching a surgical site infection..  Read more >

Color and Light Seminar
This free Color & Light seminar will cover basics of color theory, color management, lighting science and much more. Attendees will learn how color and light measurement technology can help increase productivity, raise quality standards, and improve manufacturing processes. This is an educational workshop hosted by Konica Minolta Sensing color and light experts.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - Suffern, NY

> OLEDS: The Next Big Thing in Televisions

> How Lighting in Stores Affects Consumers

> Could LEDs Cure Alzheimer's?

> How UV Lights Can Fight MRSA


CAS 140CTS CCD Array Spectrophotometer

The CAS 140CTS is the newest member of the Instrument Systems Array Spectrometer family. It came out of the improvements and additions made to the very successful CAS 140CT. The biggest change was the redesign of the detector concept based on a back-thinned CCD area sensor. Learn More >


Complete Light Measurement with CAS 140 Series

Konica Minolta Sensing offers the CAS-140 CT and CAS-140 CTS Spectroradiometers from Instrument Systems. Various test configurations cover the entire range of light measurement, from UV to infrared. With flexible fiber optic probes, measurement adapters, and comprehensive software, the CAS140 is a complete turnkey solution for the lighting industry. Watch video >

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