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Why Flowers Have Color   CM-5 Spectrophotometer Color Evaluation Features Video
Why Flowers Have Color: A Story Of Survival   Video: CM-5 Advanced Color Evaluation Features
Like humans, flowers inherit their appearance from genes. Pigments are “born” into these plants, producing a range of colors across the spectrum. While many people see these plants as purely decorative, flowers aren’t colorful just to be pretty – they need their color for survival.
The CM-5 is an advanced bench-top spectrophotometer used to evaluate the color and appearance of opaque, transparent, and translucent samples. In this video, we provide an overview on the innovative features of this instrument popularly used in laboratory and manufacturing environments.
CIE 2000 Color Difference Formula
  Guide to Defining Color Tolerances
Features of the CIE 2000 Color Difference Formula    Guide to Defining Color Tolerances
The CIE 2000 color difference formula was developed to solve the problem of the differences in the evaluation between color meters and the human eye. It defines a calculation so that the color difference calculated by color meters becomes close to the color discrimination threshold of the human eye.
Establishing color tolerances objectively within the color quality process is an effective way to ensure consistency throughout the supply chain and from one batch of materials to the next to produce high quality products. This document details the general steps to defining a color tolerance.





Did You Know?

Bumblebees see color five times faster than the human eye and faster than any other animal. According to recent studies, this speedy color vision helps them to quickly navigate through foliage, recognize their hive, and find colorful flowers for nectar.

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