LED Measurement for Temperature Control System
The optical characteristics of high power LEDs vary substantially with temperature. The thermo-electrically controlled LED-850 can be used to obtain repeatable measurements or perform studies of the LED’s electrical and temperature behavior.
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The Growing Grow Light Market
Plants are not the only things growing these days. The market for special horticulture lights, called “grow lights,” is expected to grow to $4.19 Billion by 2022! These light sources are designed to emit a glow that stimulates optimal photosynthesis processes, which is achieved by mimicking the light of the sun and copying outdoor weather by changing temperature, color, and spectral output. Read more >

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How to Measure Irradiance at Close Range
Measuring irradiance at short distances does not conform to 10x rule. The measurement requires that the measurement distance is more than 10 times the size of the light source. The "sequential method" can be applied to correctly determine the absolute value when the distance is shorter. Learn more >

The Inside Scoop On In-Flight Lights
Have you ever thought about the lighting on your flight? Between stuffing your luggage in an overhead bin, fidgeting with the air vents, and making sure that your seat is in a full upright position, lighting definitely does not take top priority. But how do we know when we are able to put our folding trays down and remove our seat belts? Passenger information lights display this information to us as one of the many roles that interior aircraft lighting plays in our flight experience.
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Light, Color & Display Metrology >
The Light, Color & Display Metrology seminar is an educational seminar that will improve your understanding of color theory, color management, lighting science, display characterization and keys to successfully implementing light measurement technologies in production settings.

May 25, 2016 - San Francisco, CA

> LED Measurement for Temperature Control System

> The Growing Grow Light Market

> How to Measure Irradiance at Close Range

> The Inside Scoop On In-Flight Lights


CA-310 Display Color Analyzer

The CA-310 enables high-accuracy adjustment of EL/LED-backlit LCD TV gamma/white balance to greatly improve efficiency. Learn More >


CS-150 and CS-160 Light and Color Meters

This video provides an overview on Konica Minolta Sensing's new CS-150 and CS-160 Luminance and Color Meters, successors to the CS-100A. Watch video >

Light & Display Trade-In Promotion 
Receive up to $5,000 toward the purchase of select instruments Learn More > 

UHD CS-2000A / CS-2000 Promotional Bundle 
Savings up to $3,700 off the purchase of a CS-2000 / CS-2000A  Learn More > 

LS-100 Luminance Meter Promotion 
$500 off a Konica Minolta Sensing LS-100 Luminance Meter Learn More > 

SID Display Week
Booth #704 - May 24 - May 26, 2016
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