Visible Light-Based Communication
Almost everyone has an iPhone or Android nowadays and, because of this, other “smart” gadgets, such as fitness trackers and watches, have also become popular. These often use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to run wireless data, but a new form of tech could soon take their place. Called “visible light communication” (VLC), it works by having visible light send information. Problems arise, however, when the light is blocked or the area is dark.
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Are Strong LED Streetlights Worth the Risk?
A few weeks ago, we touched on the problems of LED streetlights. Many of them, especially older ones, shine too intensely and feature too much blue content, causing insomnia and other health risks. Circadian rhythms, which effect a person’s sleep/wake cycle, among other processes, are behind this reaction. Blue content in light can keep people awake, so when they’re exposed to it and their circadian rhythms are disrupted, they run the risk of health problems. Read more >

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Are LED Streetlights Causing You Problems?
Walking around at night, are your eyes more easily bothered by the streetlights? There’s a reason for that. LED streetlights have recently become more popular across the U.S. These are more efficient, last longer, and save municipalities money when compared to older bulbs, but they also have their negatives. Learn more >

New Atlas Shines Spotlight on Light Pollution
The “New World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness,” originally published in 2001, has recently been updated and re-released. Differences between the two editions are not solely due to increased light pollution during the interim years. Improved technology and models have resulted in more precise data and images, and as a result, the two are not meant to be compared.  Read more >

Color and Light Seminar
This free Color & Light seminar will cover basics of color theory, color management, lighting science and much more. Attendees will learn how color and light measurement technology can help increase productivity, raise quality standards, and improve manufacturing processes. This is an educational workshop hosted by Konica Minolta Sensing color and light experts.

> Visible Light-Based Communication

> Are Strong LED Streetlights Worth the Risk?

> Are LED Streetlights Causing You Problems?

> New Atlas Shines Spotlight on Light Pollution


CL-500A Illuminance Spectrophotometer

The CL-500A is a lightweight, compact illuminance spectrophotometer used for the evaluation of high-class, next-generation lamps such as LED and EL illumination. It is the first handheld illuminance spectrophotometer to conform to both DIN and JIS standards. Learn More >


CL-500A Illuminance Spectrophotometer

Konica Minolta Sensing's CL-500A can measure illuminance, color temperature, CRI (Color Rendering Index), chromaticity, and spectral power distribution. Plus, the S/P ratio of scotopic illuminance and photopic illuminance can also be displayed. Watch video >

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