Konica Minolta Sensing Americas Color Trends and Technology Newsletter
45°/0° Optics Stimulate Human Visual Perception for Driver Safety   CM-2600d Accessories Video
45°/0° Optics Simulate Human Visual Perception for Driver Safety   New Video: CM-2600d Accessories to Enhance Color Measurement Use
Lines on roads and highways need to be highly visible for vehicles to stay within the parameters of a lane, preventing collisions and maintaining safety for both drivers and pedestrians. Because of this, routine evaluations with instruments that can precisely measure color the same way the human eye perceives color are required.
In this video, Applications Engineer Jodi Baker provides an overview and demonstration on unique accessories for Konica Minolta Sensing’s CM-2600d Spectrophotometer. These accessories are simple additions ideal for liquid specimens, powders, or dusty environments, and are used to maintain and enhance instrument performance.
Research Shows Men Really Don't See Eye to Eye with Women   Upload and Download Targets and Samples in SpectraMagic NX
Research Shows Men Really Don't See Eye to Eye with Women   Tech Tip: Upload/Download Targets & Samples in SpectraMagic NX
It is well known that men and women perceive the world differently, often having conflicting views and ideas about things such as home decorating, clothing, and appearances. Recent research tells us that color vision plays an important part in our view of things and may have contributed to forming gender roles and stereotypes dating back to our hunter-gatherer past.

Portable spectrophotometers allow the end user to store color measurement readings in the instrument and then move the data to quality control software. In this month’s technical note, instructions on how to move target and sample data from a portable spectrophotometer to SpectraMagic NX software are outlined.

Did You Know?

Color plays an integral role in a consumer’s choice of product. According to research, it can account for up to 85 percent of why people choose one product over another.