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Measuring Automotive Lighting Video   Maintaining Display Accuracy and Consistency Case Study
Featured Video: Measuring Automotive Lighting   Case Study: Maintaining Display Accuracy and Consistency
Check out our newest video that features a spectacular lineup of our top measuring instruments used for automotive lighting. The lighting system of an automobile requires extreme uniformity and precision, not only for the manufacturer, but for the safety of the driver as well. It is imperative that brightness standards remain consistent from vehicle to vehicle. Konica Minolta’s measurement instruments provide a complete solution for those looking to obtain that goal. In this video, our Radiometric Sales Manager uses KM’s instruments to measure lighting on an actual vehicle. Check it out!

In an effort to ensure the highest level of accuracy and clarity for their display monitors, Sony uses Konica Minolta Sensing Americas for the most effective solution. Using Konica Minolta’s CS-200 Chroma Meter, CS-2000 Spectroradiometer, and CA-310 Color Analyzer, Sony was able to simplify the alignment of their professional monitors. The CS-200 and CA-310 were used to align Sony’s BVM, PVM, and LMD series of monitors while the CS-2000 was used for engineering. The simplicity of KM’s instruments helped streamline Sony’s alignment process.
Necessary Standards for Emergency Lighting   Calibration with the CS-200 Chroma Meter
The Necessary Standards for Emergency Lighting   Simplify Calibration with the CS-200 Chroma Meter
Emergency Lighting is an essential backup source used when a building or structure experiences a power outage. They are installed in virtually every commercial or high occupancy residential building. The light often consists of one or more clusters of high-intensity LEDs. Emergency lighting is manufactured to the highest possible standard. They are subjected to various stringent quality control tests at the end of the production line as well as on-load multiple cycle life tests. Products are also subjected to tests to ensure compliance against standards.

The CS-200 Chroma Meter measures both aspects of displays; luminance and chromaticity. This low cost option is often used in conference rooms and visualization areas for displays or projector calibration. The user will focus on the screen or display and evaluate the brightness level and color values. From that measurement, they can adjust the display or projector and re-measure to confirm that the ideal values were obtained. When multiple displays and projectors are connected to create one image, each one must match in brightness and color. The user can measure each display and adjust based on the measurements.