Colorimeters and Their Many Uses

Colorimetry is the study of colors as the human eyes perceive them. As such, colorimeters (also known as chroma meters, color meters or color readers) do not measure spectral output on wavelengths like spectrophotometers, but rather give red, blue and green chromaticity coordinates or values in much the same way that human eyes see color. Learn more >

The True Colors of Dinosaurs

For over 200 hundred million years, dinosaurs reigned supreme on Earth, and yet we still are not precisely sure what they looked like. Although we have their fossilized skeletons, the relatively recent discovery that they had feathers turned their exact physical appearance into an enigma for us. Read more >

Metamerism “Meets Its Match”

Metamerism [muh-tam-uh-riz-uhm] describes a pair of objects that match under a certain light source or set of viewing conditions, but not under another. Our co-worker's shirt and cardigan appeared to match in the incandescent lighting of her home, for example, but did not match under the fluorescent lighting of our office. This is a common problem for textile manufacturers, often with clothing pieces not matching under certain lighting due to variations in textile dyes used during manufacturing. Read more >

Research Shows Men Really Dont See Eye to Eye With Women

It is well known that men and women perceive the world differently, often having conflicting views and ideas about things such as home decorating, clothing, and appearances. Recent research tells us that color vision plays an important part in our view of things and may have contributed to forming gender roles and stereotypes dating back to our hunter-gatherer past. Read more >

Color & Appearance Seminar >
The Color & Appearance Seminar covers the fundamentals of color science and the elements of an effective color process within research and manufacturing environments.

October 26, 2016  Minneapolis, MN
November 2, 2016  Princeton, NJ
November 9, 2016  Columbus, OH
November 15, 2016  Grand Rapids, MI

Color & Light Seminar
The Language of Color, Appearance and Light is an educational seminar that will improve your understanding of lighting, color science, and measurement.

November 10, 2016 – Springfield, MA

> Colorimeters and Their Many Uses

> The True Colors of Dinosaurs

> Metamerism “Meets Its Match”

> Research Shows Men Really Dont See Eye to Eye With Women

BC-10 Plus Baking Contrast Meter

The BC-10 Plus is a handheld, portable colorimeter designed to evaluate the color of baked, fried, smoked and processed foods as well as ingredients in various environments to ensure consistency in appearance. Capable of measuring color in L*a*b* and evaluating lightness/darkness characteristics using the unique Baking Contrast Unit (BCU). Learn more >

BC-10 Plus New Features

The BC-10 Baking Contrast Meter has been re-designed to provide more accuracy and improved data management. This video highlights the new features of Konica Minolta Sensing's BC-10 Plus Baking Contrast Meter. Watch video >

Dogwood IFT Expo 2016
May 10, 2016
Edison, NJ

The Dogwood section of the Institute of Food Technologists is your host for a day of food technology related activities. It's your opportunity to get up to speed with new innovations and become more effective at your position. Konica Minolta Sensing will be exhibiting at the Dogwood IFT table top event in Concord, NC. We will have on hand a number of our high performance color measurement and color control solutions for food applications.Event information >

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