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Jail Cell Painted Pink   Instrument Calibration Process
Jail Cells Painted Pink to Calm Aggressive Inmates   Calibration Process to Maintain Color Measurement Performance
Some of the toughest convicts in Switzerland aren’t feeling too tough lately. Thirty jail cells in Switzerland’s prison system have been painted pink in an effort to calm aggressive inmates. While the color is known to promote relaxation, its feminine characteristics also seem to promote humiliation in many male prisoners.
In this video flashback, Konica Minolta Sensing's expert discusses the calibration process for maintaining an instrument's color measurement accuracy and performance. Both daily and annual calibration are important to delivering consistent and reliable measurement readings throughout your entire color process.
Harmonizing Color Throughout the Suppt Chain   CMC Tolerance System
Harmonizing Color throughout the Supply Chain   Color Consistency with the CMC Tolerance System
When there are multiple production lines or suppliers involved in manufacturing a product, it can often be challenging to produce a consistent looking final product through an efficient process. This article details how to maximize inter-instrument agreement to communicate, share, and coordinate color values and standards seamlessly across all plant sites.
Defining tolerances is an effective way to meet color standards and maintain consistency from one batch of material to the next. Correlating to the human eye, the CMC tolerance system is used for high accuracy pass/fail assessments and quality control inspections to ensure a color sample or batch is both visually and numerically acceptable.



Did You Know?

The Statue of Liberty was not always green. Constructed of copper, Lady Liberty’s exterior started off with a shiny brown hue and gradually turned a green color from weathering and oxidation over a period of about 30 years.

September 2013 Edition
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