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Konica Minolta color and light measurement instruments are equipped with standard operating accessories. In addition, a number of optional accessories designed for unique and special applications suited for a variety of industries are available for purchase. The company’s full line of optional accessories helps ensure technicians are assured of rapid, highly accurate results in all measuring projects.

Whether you're looking for enhanced capability or added peace of mind, our line of accessories offer something for every instrument model and every budget.

If you’d like to see these optional accessories in action, you can review a sample of our product accessory videos.

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Frequently Purchased

Konica Minolta stocks a full line of accessories for your measurement equipment. Choose from hundreds of accessories as listed on the individual product pages.

AC-A308 AC Adapter 120V

AC-A308 AC Adapter (120v) - Product ID: A32T-712

Used to supply power from an AC outlet to the instrument.

Recommended Instruments:
CR-10, BC-10, CR-14, CM-3700A, CM-3600A, CM-3610A, CM-512m3A, T-10A, CL-200A

CM-A98 Rectangular Cell

CM-A98 Rectangular Cell - Product ID: 1864-710

Rectangular cell made of optical glass for precise transmittance measurement of transparent liquids. The optical path is 10 mm and recommended for liquids with normal optical density.

Recommended Instruments:
CM-3700A, CM-3600A, CM-5

T-A21 Adapter Unit for Receptor Head

T-A21 Adapter Unit for Receptor Head - Product ID: 1876-711

Adapter Unit for Receptor Head T-A21 connects to the adapter unit for Main Body T-A20 which enables Multi-point measurements or cable extension for measurements.

Recommended Instruments:
T-10A, CL-200A

LS_A12 2-way Interface Cable

LS-A12 2-way Interface Cable - Product ID: 1842-701

The LS-A12 2-WAY INTERFACE CABLE is used to connect the LS-100 and Ls0110 to the computer for data communication.

Recommended Instruments:
LS-100/110, CS-100A

T-A11 Connecting Cable

T-A11 Connecting Cable - Product ID: 1876-700

Connecting Cable T-A11 is a cable that allows communication to a PC through a RS 232 connector.

Recommended Instruments:

AC-A305 AC Adapter 120V

AC-A305 AC Adapter (120V) - Product ID: A0E8-728

Used to supply power from an AC outlet to the instrument. Input: Voltage 100 to 240 VAC (50-60 Hz) Output: Voltage 5 VDC Current 2.8 A

Recommended Instruments:

Adapter Unit for Main Body T-A20

Adapter Unit for Main Body T-A20 - Product ID: 1876-710

This adapter unit connects to the Main Body T-A20 which enables Multi-point measurements through a LAN (10 Base-T) category 5 straight cable that connects to the Adapter Unit for receptor head T-A21.

Recommended Instruments:
T-10, T-10M, T-10Ws, T-10WL

CR-A43 Calibration Plate

CR-A43 Calibration Plate - Product ID: 1849-701

Used during white calibration. Back side of the cover lists calibration data.

Recommended Instruments:
CR-400 Series

Close-Up Lens #110

Close-up Lens #110 - Product ID: 1804-743

The No. 110 close up lens provides a minimum measuring area of ø 1.3mm with the LS-100 and ø.4mm with the LS-110

Recommended Instruments:
LS-100/110, CS-100A

Data Cable CR-A102 RS232c

Data Cable CR-A102 RS232c - Product ID: 1878-704

Connection cable between measuring head or data processor and PC. For PC terminals with 9 pin SUB-D connecter. Length of the cable 2 m.

Recommended Instruments:
CR-400 Series

Petri Dish CM-A128

Petri Dish CM-A128 - Product ID: 1870-712

This accessory is for the glass dish only used with Petri Dish holder.

Recommended Instruments:
CR-400 Series, CM-5

Powdered Sample Holder

Powdered Sample Holder - Product ID: 7600-0000-2509

This sample holder enables the instrument to be held in position to the powder sample that is placed in the cup which is held in a sliding tray. Enables the quick, easy, and precise measurement of powder with a CR-410. Additional cups can be purchased separately. This holder is best suited for fine powders although granular materials can be used in it as well. This holder is not recommended for liquids.

Recommended Instruments:
CR-400 series

DP-A21 Roll Paper (20 Rolls)

DP-A21 Roll Paper (20 ROLLS) - Product ID: 1841-712

Paper rolls that are compatible with the Data Printer

Recommended Instruments:
CR-400 Series

DP-A20 Roll Paper (10 Rolls)

DP-A20 Roll Paper (10 ROLLS) - Product ID: 1841-711

Paper rolls that are compatible with the Data Printer

Recommended Instruments:
CR-400 Series

DP-A22 Roll Paper (5 Rolls)

DP-A22 Roll Paper (5 ROLLS) - Product ID: 1840-711

Paper rolls that are compatible with the Data Printer

Recommended Instruments:
CR-400 Series

Replacement Windows (Pkg of 12) for BC-10

Replacement Windows (Pkg Of 12) For BC-10 - Product ID: 9992-950

Spare transparent plastic windows for replacement (set of 12 windows)

Recommended Instruments:

Measurement Window Cap w/ 2 Windows (BC-10)

Measurement Window Cap w/ 2 windows (BC-10) - Product ID: 9992-949

Protects the optics of the instrument from wet or viscous samples.

Recommended Instruments:

CL-A11 Hood

CL-A11 Hood - Product ID: 1877-700

The hood attaches to the receptor.

Recommended Instruments:
CL-200A, CL-500A

Lens Cap with Strap

Lens Cap with Strap - Product ID: 1519-0152

Lens Cap with Cap Strap is only compatible with T-10

Recommended Instruments:
T-10A, CL-200A

CIE L*a*b* Color Space Poster

CIE L*a*b* Color Space Poster - Product ID: 9245-4810-01

This poster, which is suitable for framing, measures 24” wide x 36” high and features a representation of the CIE L*a*b* color space. A perfect addition to any color professional’s office or laboratory wall.

BCRA Color TIle Set (12 Colors) CM-A101 2x2

BCRA Color Tile Set (12 colors) CM-A101 2x2 - Product ID: 1864-719

This set includes Pale Gray, Med. Gray, Dif. Gray, Deep Gray, Deep Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Dif. Green, Cyan, and Deep Blue colored tiles.

Recommended Instruments:

CR-10/BC-10 RS-232 Cable (9-pin to RJ Jack) (6 ft. long)

CR-10/BC-10 RS-232 Cable (9-pin to RJ jack) (6 ft. long) - Product ID: 9992-971

Used to connect the instrument to a personal computer.

Recommended Instruments:
CR-10, BC-10

10mm - Wide Cell Measurement Set CM-A207

10mm - Wide Cell Measurement Set CM-A207 - Product ID: A168-714

INCLUDES: Transmittance Specimen Holder (10MM) CM-A198 Transmittance Zero Calibration Plate(10MM) CM-A204 *Each product can be purchased separately.

Recommended Instruments:

Precise Color Communication Booklet

Precise Color Communication Booklet - Product ID: 9242483092

Konica Minolta provides training and education to enable users to implement successful color measurement processes. Our Precise Color Communication booklet is an introduction to color theory and best practice color measurement.

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