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Instrument Systems CAS 140CT CCD Array Spectrometer

The Zenith of CCD Array Spectrometers

Into its third generation, the CAS 140CT is the most successful worldwide among Instrument Systems CCD array spectrometers. It brings technicians engaged in UV-VIS spectroradiometry very high measuring accuracy and easy operation with its robust design. It's no surprise, then, that this instrument is ideal for a wide range of applications including consistent LED quality assurance, operating around the clock in manufacturing environments and serving as a calibration reference tool in labs.
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  • Returns measurement data in milliseconds
  • Superior signal stability and increased sensitivity is made possible with the back-lit, top-end, cooled CCD detector
  • The integrated shutter allows for highly accurate measurements of dark currents
  • Can connect with PCI or USB interface
  • Software solutions for a variety of applications in manufacturing and the lab
  • Models available from 200 to 2,150 nm
  • New optical density filter wheel lets you measure intensity in a wide range
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