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CM-2600d Spectrophotometer

Konica Minolta Spectrophotometer

The CM-2600d is a handheld spectrophotometer intended for one-handed use. This instrument has the capability to simultaneously measure SCE and SCI numerical gloss control. It is the world s first portable instrument to offer the patented numerical UV-Control. This reduces measurement and calibration procedure time significantly. The device features a variable aperture, selectable between 8mm and 3mm depending on the size of what is being measured.
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  • Portable  hand-held design, lightweight, can be run by batteries or AC adapter
  • Two measurement diameters  8mm and 3mm can be selected based on the size of what is being measured
  • Compact  measurements can be taken from many different angles
  • LCD display  has multiple displays and features a display reversing function so screen can be read no matter which hand is holding the device.
  • Easy to use  only has two main buttons, one to measure and another, navigation wheel , which scrolls through options and clicks down to select.
  • SCI and SCE measurements  can calculate and display both simultaneously
  • UV adjustment  first portable device with this feature that provides more accurate color measurements
  • Six languages  English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Japanese
  • Optional SpectraMagicTM NX Software  enables users to perform comprehensive color inspection and analysis
  • Illuminated Viewfinder  makes taking measurements even easier
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