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CM-3700A Spectrophotometer

If you're looking for a highly accurate measurement instrument that uses the latest technology, then the CM-3700A bench-top spectrophotometer is just what you need, and it exceeds most industry color requirements. With a wide range of applications, the CM-3700A spectrophotometer obtains highly-accurate reflectance and transmittance measurements.
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  • Highly accurate and reliable  utilizes state-of-the-art technology to make it one of the most reliable and accurate spectrophotometers available
  • Windows compatible  can be controlled from a computer with Windows software
  • Measurement area switching  users can choose between 25.4mm, 8mm, and 3x5mm measurement areas
  • Can measure reflective, fluorescent, and transparent color  using SCI/SCE switching, UV cut filters, and/or diffused lighting, reflective, fluorescent, and transparent colors can easily be measured
  • International standards  CIE, ISO, ASTM, DIN, and JIS are among the standards included in the CM-3700A
  • Xenon flash  enables the instrument to accurately measure even very dark shades
  • USB Connectivity  The interface uses USB to provide faster communication and easier connection to PCs
  • Dampening sample holder  features a long arm to enable measuring the center of an A4-sized sample, and a damper to provide a slow-close  effect that prevents the sample holder from slamming shut and possibly damaging the measurement sample
  • Protective frame power switch  protective frame has been added around the power switch to decrease the likelihood of accidently powering off during operation
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