CM-5 Spectrophotometer

Top-port spectrophotometer for reflectance and transmission

An advanced all-in-one system, the CM-5 Spectrophotometer is a bench-top measurement instrument designed to evaluate the color and appearance of opaque, transparent, and translucent samples. Its high precision and advanced capabilities allow users to effectively analyze, formulate, and control the color and appearance of solids, liquids, pastes, powders, pills, and granules in a more comprehensive, streamlined process. This makes the CM-5 ideal for color analysis within R&D and laboratory environments.
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  • Aperture size options  includes three aperture sizes, 3mm, 8mm, and 30mm, to accurately evaluate the color and appearance of samples very small to large in size
  • Versatile  equipped with a top-port area for measuring opaque samples, as well as a transmittance chamber for measuring transparent and translucent samples
  • Pass/fail assessments  immediately determines if the sample meets the defined standard or target color for improved user efficiency
  • Automatic calibration  instrument is calibrated automatically with each start up to maintain its high accuracy and performance
  • Large color LCD screen displays data and graphs clearly, including color values, spectral graphs, and color difference graphs, for easy interpretation of measurement results
  • Easy operation  provides Operation Wizard to guide users through instrument set up and measurement use
  • Multi-user friendly  individual instrument settings and measurement data can be stored on a USB memory stick to eliminate confusion between multiple users
  • Industry-specific formulas  various industry-specific indices are stored in the instrument, including Gardner, Hazen/APHA, Iodine Color Number, and US and European Pharmacopoeia, to meet application needs quickly and more effectively
  • 8 language options  English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, and simplified Chinese
  • Used as standalone or with software  stores measurement results and displays data numerically and in graph charts, eliminating the need for a computer; can be integrated with SpectraMagic NX software to provide a more comprehensive color analysis, as well as Colibri software to formulate color recipes for various applications
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