CM-700d Spectrophotometer

Portable spectrophotometer with sphere geometry and vertical alignment

The CM-700d Spectrophotometer is a handheld, portable measurement instrument designed to evaluate the color and appearance of samples very small to large in size, including objects with flat, shaped, or curved surfaces. This high precision, reliable spectrophotometer allows users to evaluate, reproduce, and control the color of pigments and dyes in a more effective, streamlined process. Its advanced capabilities help establish and meet color quality standards more efficiently, maintain consistency in each batch of material, and communicate color seamlessly internally and throughout the supply chain. This makes the CM-700d ideal for color analysis, formulation, quality control inspections, and process control procedures within research and manufacturing environments.
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  • Adjustable aperture easily switches between 3mm and 8mm aperture sizes to accurately evaluate the color of a wide variety of samples very small to large in size
  • Bluetooth compatible conveniently sends measurement results wirelessly to a computer or printer for improved user efficiency
  • Tight inter-instrument agreement measures consistently with other instruments of the same model, allowing color values and specifications to be communicated, shared, and coordinated seamlessly internally and throughout the supply chain
  • SCE and SCI modes easily switches between SCE and SCI measurement modes to accommodate the surface conditions of each sample
  • Pass/fail assessments immediately determines if the sample meets the defined standard or target color for improved user efficiency
  • Large memory capacity stores 4,000 sets of measurement data and up to 1,000 sets of target data
  • Color LCD screen displays data and graphs clearly, including color values, spectral graphs, and color difference graphs, for easy interpretation of measurement results
  • Intuitive design simple, straightforward menus and buttons easily understood by new users
  • Portable wireless, lightweight design fits comfortably in the hand for measurements to be taken anywhere
  • Software compatible integrates with SpectraMagic NX software for color quality control, Colibri software for color formulation and matching, and CM-SA Skin Analysis software for dermatological applications
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