CM-SA Skin Analysis Software

For quantitative evaluation & analysis of skin color and pigmentation

The CM-SA skin analysis software works in conjunction with Konica Minolta spectrophotometers to measure the color of skin. This software does this simultaneously with a numerical display of the Hemoglobin (Hb) Index, Melanin Index, and Hemoglobin oxygen saturation (Hb SO2) Index. By using our CM-700D/CM-600D spectrophotometer along with the CM-SA skin analysis software, measurements can be performed simply by applying the instrument lightly to the subject s skin and pressing one single button.
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  • Ease of use  simply place the instrument lightly on skin and press a single button to measure
  • Portability  battery powered, or powered by an AC adapter
  • Bluetooth  Bluetooth ready to communicate with a printer or PC
  • Easy data grouping  preset measurements per person in order to consecutively collect data on multiple examinees
  • Output in CSV text format  data can be easily formatted, transferred, or managed by using Excel or other spreadsheet programs
  • Three Index calculations  Hb (Hemoglobin), Melanin, and Hb SO2 (Hemoglobin oxygen saturation)
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