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Colibri® color management suite assists designers, brand owners, brand management companies, manufacturers and suppliers to manage, specify, communicate and produce color. Using a single central database the software platform enables you to customize with modules and add-ons pertinent to the needs of your business.

Colibri® is a fantastic resource for large global enterprises as well as single-client and small businesses alike. By harnessing the latest innovations in information technology, Colibri can also be hosted in your own network environment or even in the cloud. We have extensive industry expertise and are very capable of assisting you with a range of tasks.

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PDF10 reasons that will determine your choice.

  • Customizing color standards
  • Measuring color with associated application support
  • Specifying brand colors
  • Managing colors for the entire view chain
  • Acceleration of quality product creation.
  • Color communication services and tools.
  • Connecting you with third party software products like enterprise resource planning tools and others.

  • ColorSpec – is used to specify brand colors and standards.
  • ColorMatch – is utilized for the prediction of color and opacity in a variety of applications and substrates.
  • ColorQuality – this module monitors, certifies and is used for final approval of colored products.
  • ColorTint – assists in both automatic and manual dispensing of color recipes in production, lab or at the point of sale.

System Requirements
Operating System
Windows 7 or 8
Windows 2000 Professional with SP 4 (x86)
Windows Vista Business 32bit (x86)
Windows XP Professional with SP 2 (x86)
CPU Pentium III compatible 1.5 GHz
Memory 512 MB; 1GB recommended
Hard disk Approximately 500 MB of available hard disk space on system drive
Display Super VGA (1024 x 768) or higher
Connectors Serial port or USB with serial port adaptor for instrument connection
Drive CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
Local Database Server SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (part of installation package) or
SQL Server 2000 MSDE (not supported under Windows Vista)
Other Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or later
NET Framework 2.0 (part of installation package)
Enterprise Database Server Dedicated database server with SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005
Smart Client Solution (optional) Dedicated database server with SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005
Konica Minolta CM-3700d; CM-3600d; CM-3610d; CM-2600d/2500d/2500c; CM-2000 series; CM-500 Series; CM-512m3
Other brands Drivers for other brand instruments available on request
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