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Color Matching Software

Colibri® color management systems helps brand owners, brand management companies, designers, manufacturers and suppliers to specify, manage, produce and communicate color. The software platform uses a single central database and enables you to add modules and Add-ons, based on the needs of the business. With Colibri® the supply chain can have fast (and entirely controlled) access to shared data and benefit from improved color communication.
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  • Perfect recipe calculation of color and opacity in one step
  • Minimizing of pigment load for opaque samples for a given thickness
  • Optimizing of pigment combination according to customer requirements by Expert System 
  • Efficient replacement of base materials and pigments with prior analysis of consequences
  • User-defined configuration of workflow and settings by Templates
  • Time saving recipe development by recipe search including auto-correction
  • Unequalled 16-Flux algorithm, which works even for effect pigments
  • Future oriented software architecture based on Microsoft® products
  • Flexible options for connection to ERP-systems, dispensers etc.
  • Individual product building thanks to modular structure
  • Customer oriented software development with regular software update and upgrades
  • Dedicated on-site and remote application support by our team of specialists
  • Versatile product, which covers all applications and industries
  • The COLIBRI® product line comprises a powerful range of modules with optional add-ons with supplementary features and further functions. The modular design enables you to tailor the system to your requirements as they change with your future growth.
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