FD-7 Spectrodensitometer

Next generation Spectrodensitometer for Color Management

Many industries that rely heavily on graphics have been shifting to digital methods during recent time. Controlling the quality of printed materials numerically is easier and more efficient than visual evaluation. However, printed products are made to be seen by the human eye. To that end, measurement results must resemble results that would be obtained through visual evaluation.
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  • For Measuring Color and Density
  • Uniquely corresponds to Measurement Condition M1 of ISO 13655
  • The first M1 type in the world
  • Konica Minolta s original VFS (Virtual Fluorescence Standard) technology allows for L*a*b* measurements that correspond to ISO 13655 Measurement Condition M1 (CIE Illuminant D50).
  • Additionally, color measurements corresponding to ISO 13655 Measurement Conditions M0 (CIE Illuminant A) and M2 (illumination with UV-cut filter) can also be taken easily and quickly.
  • Industry s very first automatic wavelength compensation function
  • Wavelength compensation is performed simultaneously with white calibration with no additional work required.
  • Until now, it was only possible for wavelength compensation to be carried out as one part of manufacturer servicing. This task is now performed during white calibration. This helps to maintain the highest measurement reliability values.
  • Enables color measurements that correspond very closely to visual evaluation.
  • Conventional instruments that measure materials printed on substrates containing fluorescent whitening agents (FWA) illustrate large differences between the results of measurements and visual evaluation. With the new FD-7/FD-5, measurement results correspond very closely to visual evaluation results. This includes but is not limited to the effects of any FWA in the paper.
  • Simple operation
  • Measurements of density, dot gain, dot area ratio, illumination, and color are simple.
  • User-friendly instructions on the LCD screen guide so that anyone can take measurements easily
  • World s lightest*1
  • The main body weighs only about 350g. With the target mask attached it only weighs about 430g. This is lighter than any previous spectrodensitometer ever manufactured. The low weight of this instrument reduces the load on the user s arm during work, which improves measurement accuracy over time.
  • *1 Display-equipped spectrodensitometer. As of November 1, 2010
  • Worry-free after-sales service
  • Worldwide service centers provide quick and helpful technical support when needed.
  • A far-reaching service network exists to ensure that your instrument is always functioning properly.
  • Printing Color Management Software BasICColor catch all (Optional accessory)
  • Easily customizable screen with data list view, 3D graph, pass/fail screen, etc.
  • Compatible with various test charts (MediaWedge, ECI2002, IT8.7/3, etc.)
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