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LS-110 Luminance Meter

When you need to measure a variety of luminance conditions, the LS-110 is the handheld and portable light meter of choice. It measures light sources within a PHI4.8mm area.
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  • Portable  lightweight, compact, and battery powered
  • One of the best on the market  categorized in the upper range of the DIN quality class B
  • SLR (single lens reflex)  allows precise targeting, ensures viewfinder shows the exact area to measure
  • Small diameter measurements  can measure as small as 0.4mm
  • LCD and viewfinder displays  measurement results are shown in both places, viewfinder display makes it easy to focus on target
  • Neutral density eyepiece filter - allows measurements of strong light sources
  • Grip  pistol grip design enables the user to stably hold the instrument
  • Measure dark surfaces  range starts at 0.001cd/m2
  • User calibration and color correction  corrects the differences for a specified light source
  • Three settings  instantaneous luminance, peak luminance, and luminance ratio
  • PC connections  send measurement data and receive control signals
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