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Instrument Systems LumiCam 1300 Photometer

high accuracy for all applications

The Instrument Systems LumiCam 1300 photometer is among our most accurate color measurement instruments and is based on Sony's Interline CCD sensor ICX-285. When the job requires the rapid capture of complex color distributions and luminance, the tool of choice is Instrument Systems' LumiCam 1300 photometer. If you're seeking luminance measurements but don t need any specific color information, the camera is available in a monochrome version.
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  • Simultaneous recording of an entire image, e.g. a complete control panel
  • Integrated image processing functions permit new methods of analysis
  • Short measurement cycles and simple setup of intuitive pass/fail criteria for use in production environments
  • Compact design and minimum training requirement facilitate a wide range of applications
  • A precision objective lens with downstream V(ยป) filter is used to image the specimen under investigation on a CCD sensor with a resolution of 1280 x 1000 pixels
  • Precise matching of spectral sensitivity with CIE curves
Instrument Systems
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